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Looking to record sound and foley for animator's projects. Ideally would love to start something new, and create it together.

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Posted by joeymofo - March 3rd, 2011

Zombies are coming for you!

My first attempt at creating a music video, for my own band. I did this for my final project on my Music Technology degree, and am extremely happy with the result!

Posted by joeymofo - May 11th, 2009

Hey all, i've finally finished my 2nd year of university today, and have uploaded my two main pieces of work to YouTube. Me and my group took a 6 minute scene from the beginning of Akira and completely redid all the audio and music from scratch. Using all our learnt techniques, our equipment and our skills, we created this video:

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And here is HOW we made it!

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I'm using this to showcase my recording and sound effects skills and hopefully get some work from you budding animators out there!


Posted by joeymofo - May 5th, 2009

So hello everyone!

Today is my birthday, i'm now 23. I've had a pretty rough year personally and am glad to have finally got myself integrated into this lovely website. This year i have submitted over 10 songs and my cover of Minor Swing seems to have really gone down well!

I created and produced the sound effects for A Bid For Freedom as my first piece of collab work on this site, and was really impressed with the finished product! Well done guys!

I've got some great work in the pipeline coming up, and hope all of you people who want sound effects and audio mixdowns for your animations will still keep coming to me! I have a whole summer free after next week as i finish this year of uni.

Peace out,

Posted by joeymofo - April 1st, 2009

Hi all, my names Joey, from England and am 22. I'm working on lots of sound recording / foley for animations and film, and i'm really wanting to work with a good flash artist! Either just doing the audio for them or creating something from complete scratch!
I have a home studio with Cubase SX3, Adobe Audition, Reason 4, and more programs. Some top quality Rhode and Behringer condenser mics, and a whole bunch of Shure's ! M-Audio Delta 10/10 sound card, and a nice mixing desk.

If any budding animators are wanting someone to do their audio just let me know!

Audio Engineer looking for projects