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Audio Engineer looking for projects

2009-04-01 06:30:32 by joeymofo

Hi all, my names Joey, from England and am 22. I'm working on lots of sound recording / foley for animations and film, and i'm really wanting to work with a good flash artist! Either just doing the audio for them or creating something from complete scratch!
I have a home studio with Cubase SX3, Adobe Audition, Reason 4, and more programs. Some top quality Rhode and Behringer condenser mics, and a whole bunch of Shure's ! M-Audio Delta 10/10 sound card, and a nice mixing desk.

If any budding animators are wanting someone to do their audio just let me know!

Audio Engineer looking for projects


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2009-04-27 07:50:05

Hi Joey!

My name's Hamish, and I'm working on a short animated film called the Tomb. You can see some concept on my deviantart art, (, and I need some voice acting. If you're able to voice a character, make some loops, or even do an entire score for the completed film, I would really appreciate it.

Here's some of the concept art:

:) Look forward from hearing from you
Hamish Wood