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Akira - University Work - FINISHED!

2009-05-11 10:15:00 by joeymofo

Hey all, i've finally finished my 2nd year of university today, and have uploaded my two main pieces of work to YouTube. Me and my group took a 6 minute scene from the beginning of Akira and completely redid all the audio and music from scratch. Using all our learnt techniques, our equipment and our skills, we created this video:

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And here is HOW we made it!

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I'm using this to showcase my recording and sound effects skills and hopefully get some work from you budding animators out there!



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2009-05-29 01:11:23

Cool man! Nice job

joeymofo responds:



2009-07-27 21:49:38

Really cool work with the sounds effects!

joeymofo responds:

cheers mate! if you ever need any help with the sound for your work i would be glad to collaborate with you!


2011-01-11 22:09:02

You did a amazing job on this project. The over all effect was flawless and was done on a proffessional level. I hope you guys get a job soon.

joeymofo responds:

cheers man, much appreciated. no job as of yet... can't find any work whatsoever in this field! :-(